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We welcome you to our 1st annual San Jose Rush raffle! With the immense growth of the club
our goal is to give all players the chance of joining the Rush family. We believe that no player
should be denied the chance to play for SJ Rush soccer regardless of financial background!
As a non profit organization, we return all fundraiser to our SJ Rush program supporting our
raffle objective.



Hello families 15 prizes will be given.

There will be 11 raffle winners and 4 top sellers.

A Rush member will be reaching out to the winners to claim prizes.

Live Raffle Drawing Today May 31, 2024 7:30pm

GMeeting Link is below:

Dial in (audio only): (US) +1 567-318-0059 PIN: 860 452 820#

Why A Raffle

– With the growth of Silicon Valley and it’s industries, we understand the prices of club
soccer have taken a big leap economically. By adding a raffle into our program we see a
more affordable platform for all new and existing players.

( Offsetting Out of State Player Cost ) With this raffle players will benefit our of state
College Showcases, Tournaments, Rush Fest.and even out of country tournaments.
With raffle ticket sales and donations players will have the chance to compete and
showcase their skill at the highest level. A platform into the college and professional

( Offsetting Club fees) The raffle will provide a chance to offset fees for uniforms,
registration, tournaments, field cost and equipment.

(Financial Aid) The raffle will also support financial aid, where those who are in need
will have a chance to be helped. A percentage of the ticket sales will be put aside for all
financial aid players.

Raffle Details

Packets contains: 26 tickets

Each ticket price: $10 per ticket

Value of Packet: $200

(6 extra tickets could be used for any deals)

April 8th: The player will be handed 2 packs of tickets ( 26 tickets) player is responsible for 20 tickets and can use the extra 6 tickets for any deals! ( more tickets available)
April 8th – May 20th: Raffle ticket Sale Period
May 20th – May 27th: Envelope collection(. Raffle ticket & full packet sale money ) please hand it to your head coach and/ or manager as they are responsible for documenting. PLEASE HAVE
May 27th: The raffle sale ends; all tickets should be collected to process into a drawing
May 31st: Live Raffle will start, zoom link will be sent out to the website


● 2 Nights in Lake Tahoe (hotel)
● 2 Nights in Reno (hotel)
● Apple Watch Series Smartwatch
● $200 Amazon Gift Card
● Pack of 4 Earthquakes ticket
● Pack of 4 MLS PRO Game (The Towns FC)
● Nintendo Switch
● 65″ inch TV
● Canon EOS Rebel DSLR Camera w/lens
● PS5
● VR
● iPad
● Gift Basket
● AirPods
● Soccer Jersey (Pro Team)
● *New Prizes Added Weekly*

After an Item has been selected by a previous Raffle Winner, the next continuing Raffle Winner will have the free choice of selecting a REMAINING Prize in the Prize Pool.

NOTE: If you are interested and able to donate additional prizes please contact Mathias Meza at Any items you could donate could help a player out.

2024 Winner. Thank you for your support and participation!

● 2 Nights in Lake Tahoe (hotel) – Ricardo Morales – 04504
● 2 Nights in Reno (hotel) – Kae Coons – 08154
● Apple Watch Series Smartwatch – Gloria Rocha – 06886
● $200 Amazon Gift Card – Katie Warner – 05145
● Pack of 4 Earthquakes ticket – Isaac Ruiz – 05503
● Pack of 4 MLS PRO Game (The Towns FC) – Adrian Pena – 03001
● Nintendo Switch – Josseane Amezcua – 04399
● 70″ inch TV – Ricardo – 04320
● Canon EOS Rebel DSLR Camera w/lens – Teresa Gamez – 10594
● PS5 – Jorge Herrera – 00866
● VR  – Cesar Diaz – 05618
● iPad – Luis Ioaiza – 10288
● Gift Basket – Maha Haddadin – 00206
● AirPods – Aracely G. – 08726
● Soccer Jersey (Pro Team) – Allison Tokunaga – 10724

3 Top Sellers

  • Charlie Suastegui – $200 Gift Card
  • Matthew Chapman – $150 Gift Card
  • Patricia Avalos – $100 Gift Card
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