NationalRush Select Weston Cup Wrap-Up

Rush Select Weston Cup Wrap-Up

The Rush Select Presidents weekend event was a tremendous success. Players from over 40 Rush clubs traveled to Naples, Florida for the Weston Cup. The 22 teams had some solid success on the field competing against some of the top teams in the state of Florida. The teams also were able to have some enjoyable experiences off the field heading to Naples Pier as well as many other off-the-field activities. The warm weather and tremendous action on the field saw Rush walk away from the tournament with five first-place trophies and a couple of runner-up trophies.
Congrats to those first-place teams:
2003 Girls
2005 Girls Blue
2005 Girls White
2006 Girls West/Midwest
2008 Boys Northeast/South
Unfortunately, due to travel restrictions across the world, the Rush Select has to cancel the next phase of the program which is the international trips. The program is looking forward to resuming those trips in 2022.
Please be on the lookout for information about the 2021 Rush Select Centers which will take place at the end of July or early August in each region (Northeast, Midwest, South, and West). This will be a fantastic opportunity for teams to come before their fall season and be scouted for the next cycle of Rush Select events.
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